Fly Fisherman’s Cake for Dad

Well it’s my pops 65th birthday and a cake is in order! The last time I was home my parents told me they were having a  party for the old man and I immediately wanted to make an amazing cake for him! If anyone knows my dad, they know he loves to fly fish. Any excuse to get out on the river is good enough for him. I remember driving home from road trips and when he didn’t convince the family to stop and fish, he had to stop and take a look at the river “Just to see what is going on.” These are the fond memories that I have of my father and I’m sure there will be plenty more to be had.











It just seemed natural to make him a fly fishing cake for this milestone. When I started to think about the cake itself, I knew I wanted to do something he would love. And as much as he loves to fish, he loves to brew beer.. My mom and I did a little brainstorming and the stout cake I’ve done time and time again came instantly to mind. I grabbed a Polygamy Porter Stout Nitro beer from the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City, knowing it would make the cake great and knowing it just happened to be one of my dad’s favorite Utah beers.


I wanted to have a stacked cake so I baked a nine inch layer and a six inch layer. The cake came out fabulous! Very moist and the prefect consistency. I put everything in the freezer and let it sit for the night. This helped with the decorating. Since the cake was frozen it was easier to spread the frosting on. They were both double layered with a raspberry butter cream frosting which came out equally as fantastic.


On the morning we drove I got up extra early and put the crumb layer on and also the base layer of fondant. I was very hesitant to decorate the whole cake and have it sit in the car for 5 hours while we drove. Instead I decorated the cake upon arrival. My boyfriend helped hugely with the water and rocks. I constructed a little fisherman ready to float the river. This whole project came together beautifully and it was a hit at the birthday party as well. With 40 plus people in attendance, there wasn’t much left. My dad’s face said it all when we were singing Happy Birthday to him, he LOVED his cake! I’m going to have to start planning now for next years cake to top this one!


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