Chocolate Mania

Well this winter is just flying by. Between my jobs, taking a class and weekend trips I’m not sure what I have been doing on my off time! As you can tell it has not been blogging! As this new year starts my goal is going to be blog more than once every few months. To start off the new year I made a cake for a dear friend’s mother.


I was give the task of making a chocolate filled cake for a surprise birthday party. I started to think about all of the different chocolate cakes I have made and one stuck out in my mind, a cake from Smitten Kitchen. A very moist chocolate cake and the recipe makes a big cake. The birthday woman grew up riding horses and has owned them through out her life. Her daughter wanted to incorporate her love for horses into the cake. We had a brainstorming session and we came to conclusion that her cake should look like a jumping course.


Like I mentioned before I made a very moist chocolate cake from Smitten Kitchen. Instead of doing a buttercream icing I decided to coat the cake with a simple ganache. The ganache really helped with my decorating giving it a dark ground look. I made a little buttercream for the grass and used one of my wilton tips so it would look like grass. Then with the help of a friend we made obstacle out of pretzels that were held together with ganache. The cake came out just the way I wanted it to!


Even though I had to work the night of the surprise party it was a great to hear how much everyone loved the cake!  I can’t wait to get my next cake in the oven. I have a few birthday’s coming so I will have to start thinking what themes I’m going to use for those cakes!


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