Pumpkin Stout Chocolate Cake


Oh Fall, creeping in slowly and before we know it flakes will be falling and the winter will be gracing us with its presence. Fall is one of my favorite seasons; not too long, it’s still nice out, and I can ride bikes and hike just with a little more clothing. My wardrobe also doubles in size once the colder months start to show up, which most ladies like.


Fall also means baking for me. That time when you can start filling the house with pumpkin, winter squash, and little fall treats. The brewery, Wasatch Brewery, I waitress at a few nights a week came out with a great Pumpkin Stout beer this year, called Black O’Lantern. I’m not typically a stout person when it comes to drinking beer but this was great. Naturally, the second I tried this beer I knew it would be fantastic in a chocolate stout cake. The heaviness and hint of pumpkin was just enough to give it that fall flavor.


I am sure you’re shocked I used a Smitten Kitchen recipe as my base. You know, like I have never done that before. It was a chocolate stout cake recipe that was very moist, rich and delicious. This was a quick and easy cake to make. And before I knew it the cake was in the oven and I had time to go on a hike after work! My friend that I met in cake decorating class came over and brought her amazing mocha frosting. She took over decorating after I put it together. It was a great team effort and an amazingly delicious outcome.

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