Pies, Pies and more Pies!


When my Mom started to plan the rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding she came up with a million ideas; one of the better ones was to have pie as dessert. Now if you know my mother she is a fabulous cook but refuses to bake because she has to “follow directions” This is not something she enjoys doing while in the kitchen. While planning I get a call from my lovely mother, “Madison, I really want to make homemade pies for the rehearsal dinner and I was thinking you could help me out, oh and there is over a 100 guests.” Now I do love to bake but pies are something I have not dove into. Cake, yes, I could have probably pulled off cakes, but to do pie I would need some help. This is where my best friends Mom came in to play. She is a pie lady.


After a few “how the heck am I going to do this” moments, Sally and I had one of many pie talks. She coached me through the whole thing! I am going to give her all the credit for helping me merge into the pie baking world. First we had to figure out exactly how many pies, what flavors and when these delicious pies were going to be made. After a nice Saturday afternoon of discussing we came to the conclusion we needed 18 pies, 3 different kinds, and one day to bake. The task was daunting but I knew it could be done with a fabulous mentor teaching me the ropes along the way.


The months leading up to the wedding there were many thrift shop trips to pick up pie plates in multiple states. Any time we took a trip a thrift store was hit up. I also had a few pie plates under the Christmas tree as a little reminder what the summer was bringing. Along with pie plate hunting my boyfriend and I also made dough right before we left, froze it, and brought it on the road trip!


On our way to the wedding my boyfriend and I visited his family in Yakima, WA which as some of you might know is a produce mecca. There are fruit and veggie stands all over that town with amazing offerings. We knew the fruit had to come from there, as it would be fresh, seasonal and of course delicious. I set out with my boyfriend, his sister, and mother on a fruit hunt. We came back with apples, peaches, blueberries and nectarines. Sally also got some cherries to round out our pie flavors. We ended up with peach and blueberry, apple, and cherry pies. The nectarines were so good we just ate them all. And with a wedding party and family flowing through our rental house they didn’t last long.


Sally brought her Betty Crocker cook book the day before the rehearsal dinner and we were off! Sally showed me the ins-and-outs of rolling out dough, folding it and then placing it in the plate to help keep the crust from tearing. We had a nice assembly line going, I was dunking peaches in boiling water to get the skins off and cutting apples galore. I would make the filing and Sally was getting all the plates ready. We did lattice tops, heart cut outs, and crisp crumbles to cover our pies. After getting the final numbers we only had to make 15 pies. Four pies cooked at one time and we were shuttling pies to other rental homes to use ovens. It only took us part of the day so we were able to enjoy some afternoon sun!

The dinner was a hit and people LOVED the pies. Yes, only 10 got eaten but that meant there was five pies leftover for our busy house, which didn’t last long either. With Sally’s help I feel like a pie maker now. I could use a little practice, my crusts didn’t look as fabulous as hers but I have gone over my first hurdle and made 15. You will probably be seeing more pies pop up on this site after that baking adventure!


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