Chevron Flower Cake

My old roommate has always had a love for fondant and she has always wanted a fondant birthday cake. Last year I had not yet learned my fondant skills so she got a chocolate peanut butter cake, pretty good trade off. This year I knew I had to make her a fondant cake! After a little internet research I found some awesome chevron cakes that I knew would be perfect for her. I had to search a little more to find a tutorial on how to make a chevron cake, which are fairly easy to put together. There were a few imperfections but that is to be expect trying to pull of the chevron look for the first time.

P1210831  P1210839

For the cake I decided to go with Smitten Kitchen, shocker I know, and make Deb’s double chocolate cake with a little coffee in there to make a mocha type cake. I had a ton of cream cheese so I made a cream cheese frosting with some caramel sauce in there. The combination of the two was fabulous! As I have said before I’m not a huge fan of cream cheese frosting but add a little caramel and I couldn’t stop eating it!

P1210833  P1210838

I wanted to bake the cake the day before so I had plenty of time to decorate and have a little fun on my mountain bike the next day. The cake was easy to put together and everything was going great. Put the cake in the oven and started putting away ingredients, and I noticed a major error on my part. I had put in corn starch instead of baking powder. Know this would not help my cake become fluffy and yummy I immediately split up the baking powder and stirred it into the different pans as they baked. I was able to catch it only 5 minutes into the baking process so nothing was too set up. I was convinced the cake was ruined but decided to let it bake and see how it turned out, glad I did because the cake was FABULOUS! It was a little flat but not hugely. Had to cut a little bit off the top to make the different layers even but rather than that you would have never been able to tell!

photo 2-4

The next day I rolled out my fondant covered the cake and started to decorated. I wanted flowers on the top and I’m a sucker for gerbera daisies so I  made few of those and some other filler flowers. Put the chevron pattern around the sides of the cake and the flowers on top. I’m super excited how it turned out. It was a classic cake that wasn’t too busy! Next time I will have the chevron patter down and it will turn out a lot better! She loved the cake and so did everyone else that came over for dinner. Winning all around!

photo 1-2

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