Perfect Buttermilk Cake Recipe

Since I live in altitude it is hard to find recipes that turn out the way the original baker intend. I have struggled with having too much sugar and the cake comes out with a giant hole in the middle and, on the other side, I have made cakes that are extremely dry. It is frustrating at times but I just keep trying to find the perfect cake recipe. I was browsing some of my favorite blogs this past week and came across a buttermilk recipe that was extremely simple. Usually buttermilk cake recipes come out pretty dry for me, but I thought I would give this one a shot.  Since I was going to a birthday BBQ for a friend I figured I would make the cake and see how it turned out.


The recipe was from Food52 for a 4th of July cake that I plan on attempting for the up coming holiday! I doubled the recipe because I wanted a two layer cake and it fit just fine in my kitchen aid. I probably would not triple it without doing separate batches. I put all the dry ingredients through my sifter to mix them. Then I soften my butter a little bit so it would cream nicely in my mixer. I followed the directions to the T and came out with two perfect buttermilk cakes!  The inside was moist and the perfect consistency. The outer parts of the cake where crisp which made it a little difficult to trim the sides but all in all it was a great cake!


I had some left over cream cheese frosting from my mountain bike cake that I used on this cake. I wanted to make the frosting a little more summer-esque so I threw in some raspberries to make an extremely delicious raspberry cream cheese frosting. Since I tend to go over board some times I decided a little ganache on top would really add some great flavor. I made the ganache with some dark chocolate and heavy whipping cream. When it was cooled a little bit I poured it over the top of the cake and it oozed down the sides to make a beautiful cake. On our walk over the BBQ we got numerous compliments on how great the cake looked!


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