S’mores Cake with Ombre Frosting

Ever since I started decorating I have always wanted to try out an ombre cake. Since my soon to be sister-in-law had a birthday coming up I could  not resist doing this cake. I knew it would be perfect for her.


The reason I got into the decorating classes is because of my brother and sister in law. They had taken a few classes and knew I would love it so they encouraged me to go. Well they were right as you can tell, I’m totally hooked! I was looking through my Smitten Kitchen cookbook and found a S’mores birthday cake that won me over in seconds. It was a graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache and  a marshmallow frosting. Holy crap yum!


I did put a little water in the flour to help with altitude. The ganache was super easy to make just heated up some heavy cream and then poured it over my chocolate and started whisking until it was smooth. I let it sit in the fridge for a while so it was an easy consistency to spread over the cake. After a little research I found that the marshmellow frosting that Deb, of Smitten Kitchen, makes does better when it is eaten same day. Since I wanted the cake to be done and also survive a 6 hour drive I knew I need to come up with something different. My brother came to the rescue with the idea to use a fluff filling in the cake instead!


The cake was four layers with two layers separated by fluff and one by ganache. I used a butter-cream frosting for the outside. Purple is her favorite color so naturally I blended the frosting from dark purple, purple and light purple. It is a time consuming technique but it looks so amazing when you are done!


Six hours in the car didn’t help the cake much as the fluff soaked in and made it very moist. There was a little bit of fluff graham cracker liquid at the base of my cake holder but I don’t think this affect the taste too much! Lesson learned, next time I will make the cake same day and go with the toasted marshmallow frosting to give an authentic s’more taste.

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