Mountain Bike Cake

As some of you know I love to mountain bike, which naturally means my friends love to ride bikes. One of my friends lives to bike, she is always saying “yes” to going for a ride. And I can count on her to have a good time too. We work out well together because we challenge each other! I get constant encouragement from her while decendingand I try to give her tips on getting up the mountain quick, we work well together.

Margot's cake 1

Last year I made her an ice cream cake and since I couldn’t repeat I decided to do a fondant mountain bike cake this year. I searched the web a bit to get some ideas and then went with my gut on the lay out of the decorations. As I mentioned before she loves to descend and I knew some jumps would have to make an appearance. After some thought I decided to keep the cake simple and just focus on a little miniature jump trail. I crafted some jumps out of pretzels and used melted chocolate for the glue.

Margot's cake 3

I’m a sucker for red velvet so I went on a hunt for a recipe. Of course my first and last stop was Smitten Kitchen. Deb had a great recipe that was a perfect fit. I needed about three layers to get the cake I wanted and her recipe was for exactly that. I didn’t add as much red food dye because I think 6 tablespoons is  a bit excessive. Instead I  had gel so I did about 1/4 of teaspoon in the 6 tablespoons of water.  Due to Park City’s dry climate, I have to keep all the liquid that is called for in the recipe if I want it to come out nice and moist.


Typically I am not a cream cheese icing person but I went with the icing recipe that Deb did and it is by far the best cream cheese icing I have made so far. I will even go as far as to say I liked it! I slathered the icing between the layers and made a nice crumb layer before my fondant. That way I’m not depriving people out on my sweet icing!

Next came the fun part, the part I love second to baking; good thing they go hand-in-hand! I went with a light green fondant layer over the cake for a grassy look. Then I attached my jumps and put a nice chocolate fondant trail linking them all together. I also put some rocks up and around the jump for extra authenticity. Then to finish off the look I laid trees along the bottom layer and added an ice pearl boarder on the top layer to give it a little more depth. I can’t wait to see her face when she gets her super sweet birthday cake! Here is to another year of riding bikes and being awesome!

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