I have sympathy for my friends with a gluten allergy. I am a bread lover and was often refereed to as “bread girl” growing up by my mother. I find it hard to imagine my life without gluten! A very dear friend of mine has slowly opened my eyes to the gluten free options out there in the world. In Steamboat there was a fabulous bakery that made an amazing gluten free bread and I would grab that every time she came over. Eventually, her coming to my house turned into an excuse to buy that bread.

Recently she and her husband came to visit me and I was forced to make a gluten free weekend. I could not have her getting sick on me! Prior to her arrival I bought some Arrowhead gluten free all purpose flour. The awesome chocolate banana bread I made with it was enough to forever sell me on the product Before using this flour, my baking came out of the oven… shall I say, less than ideal. I was able to be gluten free in my baking for the first time with out have a complete failure coming out of my kitchen.


Using my new ingredient, I made a tasty treat for a wine night with my lady friends in Park City. A few of these lovely ladies are GF as well. Last time we had a ladies night I made the awesome dino cake but felt bad because they were left out when it came time for dessert. This time around I had them covered. I pulled out my GF flour and made brownies from my favorite baking blog Smitten Kitchen. I melted the butter, cocoa, sugar and salt over a double burner, which was a McGyver contraption, but worked in the end. All the butter melted and started to mix making a smooth chocolate goodness. I then slowly added the ingredients making sure everything was mixed in before I moved on.


After I mixed in the vanilla, eggs and flour the brownies were looking good. Put it in the oven and they came out great! The Arrowhead flour is great and really doesn’t taste GF. The coco gives the brownie a very rich taste. Not your typical milk chocolate rich but more of a bitter taste. I love the bitter and sweet play of this brownie. Since it is such an easy recipe I’m sure this will be making more appearances at dinners and parties. Plus it is beyond easy to throw together while you are getting ready!

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