It is not secret that I do love dinosaurs, I think this was seeded in my brain after sharing dinosaur decorated bunk beds with my brother when I was young. Ever since then I have had a love for those extinct creatures.

Checkerd cakeIMG_2411

Turns out dino people find each other! This past week I have had two dino themed parties. One was for a friends birthday and the other was a baby shower for little Baby Cavanagh. I was fortunate enough to make delicious treats for both.

Since my friends birthday was first I decided to make a sweet dino cake, with a checked cake underneath. There were so many elements to this cake that made it super fun to make. First I started with this sweet Wilton Checkered cake baking set to make the checkered when I cut it. I questioned how it would turn out at the beginning but quickly feel in love with the finished product when I was stacking the cake. I made some cute dinos to put on top and then did a fondant base layer and then got some dino cookie cutters to make a dinosaur party along the walls of the cake. When my friend got her cake she was beyond excited for it! I love that moment when all your hard work pays off!

Erika's cake

I took the idea of the stegosaurus on top of my cake and made 30 more for cupcakes. Cupcakes were the best choice for the baby shower, since people would be coming and going. I made all different colors so they would really pop. I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making the stegosauruses out of fondant. I mixed in a little gum paste to help them get hard. Those 30 dinos made it through a plane ride and got to their destination unharmed!

I made a white chocolate cupcake, which was to die for! Plus some green butter cream frosting to really complete the look. With a stegosaurus on each cupcake it really brought the dinosaur theme to life!

With two different dinosaur events I feel like I can just keep building on that momentum, maybe next time there will be more dinosaurs involved and volcano….it’s going to get crazy!

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