Shred Muffins Off!

I’m launching a new blog with a new name, welcome to Shred Muffins! I will be moving my blog from blogger, Maddie’s Sweets, over here! I prefer the functionality of WordPress and am very excited to start fresh! If you’ve read my previous posts about my baking, you’ll be excited about the new format.

IMG_2228IMG_2411I have been in and out of restaurants since high school. Working in every position, hosting, serving, bussing, expediting food, kitchen prep, etc. You name it and most likely I have done it, even dishwashing. This is a great outlet from me since I am confined to a desk Monday-Friday. When I’m not at my desk I love to bake or just be outside.

After a fantastic brainstorming session with friends around my kitchen table we all settled on Shred Muffins as a new name. I love to bake and love to shred, whether it be dirt or snow, I’m always having a good time. Shred Muffins seemed like a fun name to really tell you exactly what I’m all about. With this new blog I will be able to better share some of my trials and tribulations as an amateur baker and a little bit about my life here in Park City, UT. I hope you enjoy the ride!


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